Leave the Job You Hate with These 3 Easy Mini Habits

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With roughly 2/3 of Americans in a job that doesn’t satisfy or that they even actively dislike, is it any wonder that so many of us make resolutions that involve finding a new job?

The problem is, the task seems almost insurmountable. How does one go about finding a new job while still maintaining the old? It’s hard enough to get through the things you do every day without adding in a lot of job applications and interviews, isn’t it?

The good news is that by engaging in mini-habits that it’s fully possible to find a new job in no time at all. Let’s take a look at several mini-habits that will change how you engage in your job search.

1. Start with just one job.

Instead of being hyper-focused on finding that perfect job today, try spending your time on finding that one job that is a match for your skills or in your desired field. Save that job in a folder so that you can find it later and then move on to step two.

2. Work on only one application.

You’re not trying a scattershot approach here. Go to your job folder and pull out one of those jobs you’ve saved. Today your focus is on working on one application, not all of them. If the application is long, then set a time limit. You’re only going to spend half an hour on it today and then another half hour on it tomorrow. Turn in the application when it’s finished.

3. Practice your mad job skills.

Now that you’ve gotten in some applications, it’s time to spend a little time on your technique when it comes to wowing the interviewer.

Have a friend help you with practicing interview questions or work in front of a mirror. Again, this is meant to be a mini-habit so don’t get all caught up in spending hours in front of the mirror. Instead, commit to 2 – 3 minutes every day. That’s long enough to formulate an answer to a question or to read an article on acing that interview.

Your new job is out there right now, waiting for you to find it. But you don’t have to spend hours every day to get there.

By dedicating a small portion of each day on the job hunt, you’re sure to find success, and probably sooner than you think.

Isn’t it time you put mini-habits to work in a way that not only assures a steady paycheck, but that brings a job that will give meaning and satisfaction to your life?

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