5 Mini Habits for Weight Loss

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When wanting to lose weight, it’s so very easy to give up before you even begin. Just the word “diet” is enough to make anybody break out in hives, and that whole exercise thing seems like not only a huge commitment, but it’s impossible to know where to begin. The problem here isn’t you; it’s your view of losing weight. Becoming healthier doesn’t have to be a great big overwhelming change. Successful weight loss starts with mini habits and then builds from there.

What are some small changes that will help you lose weight fast?

1. Start the day correctly.

That means eating breakfast every day. Focus on protein and don’t forget the fiber for a meal with a healthy impact. For bonus points, ditch the variety. Believe it or not, eating the same thing every day will promote weight loss.

2. Serve it up small.

By eating off of smaller plates, it’s easier to keep the portion size under control. Also, psychologically it’s helpful because the plate looks full when you sit down, making you feel like you’re getting more food than you are.

3. What about the ambiance?

While eating in a darkened room by candlelight is romantic, eating in the dark has the side effect of you not paying attention to what you’re eating and how much. That’s why it’s so easy to go through an entire huge bucket of popcorn at the movies. By turning on the lights, you’re more mindful of what’s on your plate, and how much you’re eating.

4. Check your snacks.

Feeling hungry? Snacking should never be banned outright. But, again, paying attention to your choices makes all the difference. Eating yogurt or grabbing a piece of fruit or some veggies with a dab of your favorite dip will not only serve to fill you up but will give you energy where sugar tends to leave you feeling bloated and crashing later on.

5. Don’t skip dessert.

Yes, you read that correctly. By denying your favorite treats, you only set yourself up for failure. There’s nothing wrong with having a small serving of cake, or a half scoop of ice cream. Moderation is the key.

Keep an eye on the portions and remember that you don’t want to exceed about 150 calories per serving.

Building healthy habits is easier than you think, especially when you start small.

By being consistent, your new mini habits will add up to one big change: a more confident, healthier and trimmer you.


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